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How does Adaptive Cruise Control reduce phantom traffic jams?

You know when you’re driving along the highway and, all the sudden, brake lights appear, and traffic slows down? You expect the culprit is an accident or a construction zone, but after driving a bit further, there is nothing out of the ordinary. What causes those phantom traffic jams? As it turns out, inconsistent following distances are the problem! Fortunately, Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control helps solve this issue. Read the rest of this entry >>

Which Ford Models Have SYNC® 3?

In today’s tech-filled world, vehicle manufacturers are constantly trying to figure out new ways to incorporate convenient technology and gadgets into the cabin of your vehicle to make your everyday drive a little more interesting. We’ve come a long way since the standard AM/FM radio, Ford especially. Take a look below as we explore Ford’s newest infotainment device and see which vehicles come compatible with these impressive features.

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